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Special programs

Weight loss and muscle gain

Two of the most demanding programs need specific training and the proper nutrition

By giving your 100% every day, results will happen. Remember to eat proper nutrition for exactly what you are working for.

Our memberships

Different memberships for different customers

Some people workout 5 times a week, 12 months per year. Some people just want to come lose a bit of weight to get ready for summer. Well we have different memberships to accomodate everyone.

To come see the gym and get a membership, please contact us either by email or by phone.

REGULAR : 69.95$ + HST (Monthly)
(Activation Fee : 49.95$ + HST)

The REGULAR membership is for anyone that is not a student or elderly person. Have the advantage to come as many times you want at no additional costs.

COUPLE : 119.95$ + HST (Monthly)
(Activation Fee : 49.95$ + HST)

The COUPLE membership is also a good package if you want to come with your partner. The address needs to be the same.